You have a message the world needs to hear.  A Virtual Summit is the MOST POWERFUL way to get that message out.  And Summit Talks will show you how you can host a Summit.

Featured Speaker

Summit Talks features 100+ visionaries who have changed the world through a Virtual Summit. As a featured speaker on summit talks I will be sharing my message with the hopes that it might inspire you and motivate you to see how you can do the same.


Through these inspirational and tactical sessions you’ll see how important your message is to the world and the power of a Virtual Summit in getting it out there. Virtual summits are the most impactful online marketing strategy in the world in regards to building an audience, and right now there’s never been a better time to host a summit.I’d love for you to come see why.


You can join for free! Come check it out and cheer me on!  See you on the inside!

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Dr. Venus "The Biohacking M.D."

Doctor of Medicine

As a physician, personal trainer, community volunteer, and enduring life enthusiast, I am committed to spreading the message of health and fitness as a lifestyle for everyone! I work with and continue to learn from the top leaders in the health and fitness industry, so I can effectively share the ideas, tools and resources that can create meaningful positive changes in the lives of those in my community.

About The Host

Dr. Mark T. Wade

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark T. Wade, CEO of Viral Summits Concierge and the visionary behind the evolution of virtual summits. I host of the Top Rated Virtual Summit Podcast,and created the One-Day Summit.


I’ve helped thousands of people get their messages out to the world through a Virtual Summit. And I would love to help you get your message out too.Which is why I’m excited to invite you to Summit Talks a FREE virtual event designed to help you understand the power of your message,along with proven strategies to generate an audience and the technical know how to take action on creating your own virtual summit.


Plus, you’ll meet other amazing, like minded entrepreneurs just like yourself in our virtual networking and live streaming activities. And, we’re going to have some fun too. Come on and join us.Jump in, play full out and let’s get your message out to the world

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